Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Social Media Podcast 43 now available - Augmented Reality Apps can't change the colour of Iain's phone

Taking part in Social Media podcast Episode 43 we have Gordon White,  Kyle MurdochKirsty Hunter, and Iain Murray.

This one was recorded last thing on a Friday and that weekend feeling was already setting in while we were taking a look at recent events, news and updates in the world of social media.  This light hearted exploration of all things social takes in a number of interesting topics and throws up the usual variety of opinions.

On Social Media Podcast No.43 we discuss the following:

  • The Steve Jobs doll - We start by clearing up a question from the last podcast - can you patent a person? 
  • Lead Generation - Kirsty finds some survey results from Hubspot about which social media platforms businesses find most effective for lead generation.  Link to article 
  • Social Media Profiles - Recent cases where employers have been taken to tribunal for using information gained on social media platforms when considering candidates for jobs.
  • Freedom of Speech - Does the law interfere too much in what's said on social media platforms?
  • Facebook IPO - Are we about to see a new much more commercial model from Facebook and, is Sponsored Stories already going too far?
  • Scottish Independence - Does Facebook's love affair with Ireland indicate the way forward for Scotland?
  • Shazam - A great new way to link off-line and on-line activity
  • Augmented Reality - We explore lots of great examples of practical, (and some not so practical uses of augmented reality.
  • Pop-Up Books - Could these be a threat to traditional publishing in the future.  Link to Pop-Up Book video feature on Digital Buzz
  • Business Cards of the future - Great idea for business cards with video content!  Link to YouTube Video
  • Nissan's new augmented reality App - Choose the colour and spec of your car via Nissan's new App.  Link to YouTube video about Nissan's App
  • Audi's augmented reality App - Another car manufacturer using the latest technology to preview its cars.  Link to Audi's App video on YouTube.
  • ARMES using augmented reality in the architectural industry - Could this spell the end for model makers?  Link to ARMES Video on YouTube
  • IKEA's iPhone App - Choose your furniture and see what it looks like in your home before you buy.  Link to IKEA video on YouTube
  • Phoenix Car - Phoenix Car take a new approach to content.  Link to Phoenix "I want to go green" blog post
  • Kindle - Bring technology to every generation.
  • IonRoad - A really pointless App (unless it knows how to work the foot pedals!!!)
  • GPSTuner - An almost pointless App!!!
  • TweetDeck - It wasn't broken so why try and fix it?
  • Symantec got hacked - PC Anywhere ended up everywhere!!!
  • Apple iPad3 - Liesten to what we would like to see it do
  • Phone Colours - Should men be allowed to have white phones?
  • Windows 8 Tablet - What will it include and, will it spell a revival for Nokia?
  • Groupon, is the bubble is burst? - Groupon don't deliver on what they said they would... again!
  • Great Service deserves a mention - Well done Moo and Kimtag
We hope you enjoy the podcast, if you have any comments to make or topics you would like us to discuss please leave them here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.

Play the podcast here:

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